become a dealer

Fancy some color in your range? 

You find the leashes and collars of our own brand PUPPYROPE MANUFAKTUR interesting and would like to include them in your range?

Do you have your own shop, online shop, a veterinary practice, a dog salon, are a dog trainer or dog sitter, run a dog day care center or a dog hotel? Then feel free to contact us, if possible directly with a copy of your trade license. Your advantages:

  • unusual and high-quality products
  • 100% handmade in Germany
  • Sustainable Manufacturing - "Zero Waste Goal"
  • attractive dealer prices


Dealer registration process:

1. Please register with us first as a "normal" customer and confirm your registration by email. Register here. 

2. After registering, email us at with a request to be activated as a dealer. Please include the following information for us:

- Name of your company and Website Address

- Your business license

- Your sales tax ID / EU VAT (small business owners from Germany do not need to provide this information) 

3. We will check your details, activate you as a dealer and notify you. 

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Alternatively you can order some of our products through our shop Ankorstore order, benefit from a 60-day payment period and save when entering the voucher code LIFT-N8LF9AXM even € 100,- with your first order (from a purchase value of € 300,-). The following link will take you directly to our Ankorstore shop:

Here is the Ankorstore