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The cloud is...


Viscofoam has been used in mattress manufacture for years to enable people to sleep peacefully and relaxed. The body can sink in at important points and other parts of the body are adequately supported by the material.
We chose this material to enable the dog to have a healthy, relaxed sleep.
For this we use a Viscofoam with a very high density so that it remains dimensionally stable for a long time and does not lie flat. We add 30% cold foam to help, so that the Viscofoam stays in shape even with our pillow height of 25 cm.
Thanks to the memory function, the material always returns to its original position.


The cloud is...

definitely dreamy.

and enables a peaceful and relaxed sleep


The cloud is...


Yes why? Sleep like in the wolf's nest. Due to the shape, the dog sleeps like in a nest. He feels the supporting edge and thus security like the wolf in nature, which digs a protective hollow for this. Nevertheless, due to the properties of the Viscofoam, the dog has the option of lying on its back or stretched out. The cloud makes all of this possible.


The cloud is......


We adapt the filling to the weight classes of the dogs. The large cushions up to 130 cm are suitable for dogs up to 55 kg in weight. Is your dog heavier? No problem, let us know, by adjusting the filling we can also make it possible for dogs up to 80 kg to lie comfortably and stably.
For the minis among the dogs, we adapt the filling and replace the cold foam with a microfiber, so that even lightweights can sink comfortably into the hollow. For this we use a microfiber that is just as resilient in quality as cold foam and dimensionally stable.
In addition, we only use fabrics from the upholstery industry with high abrasion resistance, so that the dog can also scratch.

The cloud is...

removable and washable.

With a 360 degree zipper, the cover of the cloud can be completely removed and washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees.
The plush covers can even be put in the dryer on the delicate program.
Please do not put imitation leather and our summer covers in the dryer, but even our imitation leather is washable at 30 degrees.
Please do not use fabric softener when washing.



The cloud is...


You can get beautiful change covers in many great fabrics for your pillow at any time.
Your tastes change... no problem, you can customize your cloud.
This makes it a healthy and stylish piece of furniture for your home.


The cloud is...

bprotected from moisture and urine if required.

You can get an additional mattress protector, which protects the inner cushion from moisture and dirt and can be washed separately at 95 degrees.
In addition, it offers mite protection.


The cloud is...

Suitable for allergy sufferers.

Due to the properties of the filling, it is difficult for mites to settle, as heat and moisture are regulated by the filling.

The cloud is...

Quality - Better the best.

Only where Mrs. Mum says on it is there a cloud.
Only here sleep "Angels on a cloud!"
  • best fabrics from the furniture industry
  • Exclusive interior from the orthopedic mattress production
  • high quality Viscofoam with memory function
  • Handmade from Germany
  • The cushions do not lie flat up to 55 kg, individual padding up to 75 kg is possible after consultation
  • easy-care, removable and washable at 40 degrees
  • bills of exchange
  • 5 sizes (60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 130cm)
  • Protection against moisture on request


The cloud is...


Would you like more stuffing because you feel it is not enough for your dog? We'll deliver it to you.
Something should have broken (e.g. bitten) please send us pictures and we'll see if we can fix it.


The cloud is...

for the following breeds

60 cm : the little minis (Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Bolonka, Yorkshire Terrier (small), Shih Tzu, Bolonka, Papillon, Italian greyhound)
80 cm: Up to a shoulder size of 40 cm (Jack Russell, Maltese, Pekingese, Pug)
100 cm: up to shoulder height 50 cm (Small Australia Shepherd, Beagle, Bull Terrier, American Stafford, Wippet, Viszla (small), Poodle, Schnauzer)
120 cm: up to 70 cm shoulder height (Rhodesian Ridgeback, German Shepherd, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Galgo, King Poodle, large Australian Shepard)
130 cm: everything over 70 cm up to max. 55 kg, over 55kg we recommend the additional padding (by arrangement), Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain Dog, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Great Dane