Because every animal deserves a loving home.

PUPPYHOPE - The heart project of PUPPYROPE

We are convinced that every animal deserves a loving home. And yet so many animals around the world live in animal shelters, vegetate in killing stations or are left to fend for themselves on the streets.

We certainly can't change the whole world, but we can do a part to change the world for some animals.

That's why we decided to do it with our PUPPYHOPE Charity to make a small contribution to less animal suffering. So it is our personal heart project to support local and international animal welfare with part of our profits.

1 PUPPYROPE = 1 full bowl

Local animal shelters face a major challenge. On the one hand, they are fully utilized as more and more animals are being handed over. It is often the case that animals that are ill or exhibit severe behavioral problems require more effort to look after. On the other hand, there are the enormously increased costs for electricity, heating, feed and co.

To support local animal shelters, we donate at least one bowl of wet food for every PUPPYROPE sold.

Animal suffering abroad

While animals in German animal shelters are usually doing relatively well, things often look different abroad.

In many European countries, killing stations are unfortunately part of normality. Animals are not cared for here in a manner appropriate to their species, and a very cruel death often awaits them. Some of them freeze or starve to death, the rest are killed in agony.

It must not go on like this, killing animals must not be part of normality. Animals are living beings, just like us humans. They are no less valuable and should be treated with respect and love.

International Animal Welfare

It is all the more important that there are animal welfare organizations that also work for animal welfare abroad.

They fetch animals from killing stations, take care of their care and place them in foster homes or animal shelters, from where they can eventually be placed in their forever home.

They take care of the neutering of street animals to counteract the overpopulation and suffering of street dogs and cats. This is the only way to break the vicious circle and sustainably reduce animal suffering in the long term.

5% of our proceeds for international animal welfare

Since animal protection abroad in particular is very expensive, animal protection organizations are dependent on monetary donations. That's why we donate PUPPYHOPE yearly 5% of our total proceeds for international animal welfare.

Frequently Asked Questions

We donate a large can of wet food for every PUPPYROPE sold. However, since both large and small dogs live at the shelter, the can for a large dog like a Kangal may be enough for one serving, while a Chihuahua can probably eat for several days. That's why we say "at least one bowl full".

In 2022 we supported VETO-Tierschutz with our donations. Who worried about the rescue of dogs from Ukraine.

In 2023 we will collect donations for the animal protection association Hunderettung Europa e.V. who are committed to the rescue of animals from killing stations and take care of sustainable animal welfare, with castration of street dogs and local educational work on the subject of animal welfare.

Do not hesitate and send us an email with your questions to service@puppyrope.com.

Since we are often busy with the production in the manufactory, please give us a few days so that we can answer you in detail.