Our history

How did PUPPYROPE come about?

It all started with fluffy fur, wide eyes and a small snub nose.

When little Aik, 13.5 months old and all his problems in tow, moved in with me in December 2016, my whole life turned upside down. But let's start from the beginning...

About me

Hi, I'm Stefanie! I'm 31 years young and the founder of PUPPYROPE and DIES HUND DAS.

For as long as I can remember I have loved animals and especially dogs. And yet it took a very long time for my love for dogs and my tendency to be creative to lead me to where I am today.

I'm actually a trained real estate agent. But in December 2016 everything changed...

Living with a scared dog

By chance, Aik moved in with me in December 2016.

A really sweet dog, but with a lot of problems. Aik came from an irresponsible breed and was "rejected" from there due to a hereditary condition called Alopecia X. After he grew up isolated, he became a challenge trophy when he was about six months old and was advertised three times before he came to me at the age of 13.5 months.

Apart from the health problems, the lack of socialization made things difficult for us. The smallest changes in our environment during the walk stressed Aik extremely and drove him to panic attacks again and again. Situations where safety of dog accessories is extremely important.

The idea came out of necessity

We had tried a lot and yet we always had the problem that Aik could wriggle out of standard collars and harnesses (for such tiny dogs).

As a result of this need, I became creative myself and this resulted in the first prototypes of our current products. Safe dog accessories that look great too

The starting gun

The starting signal for my self-employment was in January 2018, when our prototypes were already becoming beautiful products and demand from outside kept increasing.

Since then we have been manufacturing individual dog accessories for everyone who wants to make the special connection to their darling visible.

Of course, our products have not stood still since 2018, we have constantly made improvements and can now guarantee the highest safety standards.

Our company today

In December 2021 we opened our own shop in Waltrop with the DIES HUND DAS store.

What started out as a one-woman show has now become a small family team. In December 2021 Denise joined our team and in July 2022 Angelina and Pepe were added.

Always active in the background and my big support is Patrick, my friend.



Unser Ziel ist es die besondere und einzigartige Verbindung zwischen einem Menschen und seinem Hund für jeden sichtbar zu machen und damit mehr Bewusstsein dafür zu schaffen, dass Hunde nicht einfach nur Haustiere sind, sondern vollwertige Mitglieder einer Familie. Leider ist nicht jeder Hund mit einem liebevollen Zuhause gesegnet, deswegen ist es unser persönliches Herzensprojekt örtliche Tierheime und den Tierschutz mit einem Teil unserer Erlöse bei ihrer wichtigen Arbeit zu unterstützen.

Meet the Team


Founder of PUPPYROPE and owner of the DIES HUND DAS store


Employee in production and sales


Manufacturing employee and content creator


CEO & Happieness-Manager


Model & Relax-Manager

Shop local

Our store

Our own store is located in the middle of downtown Waltrop. Come visit us!

THIS DOG THE by PUPPYROPE I Hagelstr. 13 I 45731 Waltrop

Tue-Fri, 10am-1am & 3pm-6pm

Sat, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m

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