Slicker brush

"I've ordered several times and every time I've been incredibly satisfied with the products! Same this time :) The quality is convincing..."

The SLICKER BRUSH is the perfect grooming utensil for brushing out the undercoat. Particularly suitable for long-haired dogs and four-legged friends with an undercoat. Thanks to its fine, rounded metal bristles, loose hair, undercoat and tangles are easily removed from the hair coat - the slicker brush also effortlessly removes dirt and dead skin cells. For dogs that tend to become matted, the SLICKER BRUSH effectively loosens the knots in the coat.

The SLICKER BRUSH cleans and cares for the coat and, if used regularly, helps to keep the coat healthy and shiny.

Manufactured in the Black Forest, in one of the last brush manufacturers in Germany, the SLICKER BRUSH is another sustainable quality product in the LILA LOVES IT brush collection that impresses with its function and durability.


Material: oiled beech wood - made from regional, sustainable forestry


Available in 2 sizes:

Size S (small): brush head 7.2 x 5.2 cm

Size M (medium): brush head 9.2 x 5 cm

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